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Metaphors for a Charitable Writing Center

I have a confession to make. On day one of Writing Center training, I learned to avoid the metaphor of a “fix-it shop” when describing my job. But I still find myself saying things like “I help people fix things that don’t work in their papers” when I’m explaining the Writing Center to other people.

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Using the Bible in Academic Writing

This post was co-authored by Collin Kavanaugh, Abby Long, and Monica Colón.

A common misconception about writing in a Christian academic setting (such as Wheaton) is that you’re expected to reference the Bible in all of your writing assignments. While it’s effective to incorporate in some genres of writing, scripture isn’t appropriate evidence for every scholarly writing occasion.

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Before You Write: Planning for the Semester

The beginning of the academic year is always busy. Although most students don’t have major assignments due yet, settling into a new routine takes time.

This early in the semester, we usually don’t have enough information to start working on midterm and final papers. But it’s a good idea to begin thinking about how to approach upcoming writing assignments. Here are some simple strategies for the start of the semester to help you manage your workload later on.

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