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Writing in the Disciplines: What Is (and Isn’t) Writing About Religion and Literature?

If you’ve ever taken a literature class at Wheaton, chances are you’ve been asked to interpret a novel or a poem through a religious lens. Or maybe you’re in a BITH class and your professor has assigned you a non-theological text to analyze in light of your theological studies, perhaps a work of fiction. If you’ve never written something in the genre of Religion and Literature Studies, it can be confusing to understand what to write about, especially because this discipline has some similarities and differences with other genres.

In this post, I’ll break down what writing in Religion and Literature Studies looks like. What does a literary analysis look like when it considers a religious focus? And how does this genre differ from others?

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Where Do I Publish My…?

From the school newspaper to club-run coffeehouses, Wheaton writers have options when it comes to sharing our work. But sometimes those options can be overwhelming, and we’re at a loss for where to submit. This post will explain the differences between the various campus publications, what kind of work they accept, and how to get published in them.

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Metaphors for a Charitable Writing Center

I have a confession to make. On day one of Writing Center training, I learned to avoid the metaphor of a “fix-it shop” when describing my job. But I still find myself saying things like “I help people fix things that don’t work in their papers” when I’m explaining the Writing Center to other people.

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Before You Write: Planning for the Semester

The beginning of the academic year is always busy. Although most students don’t have major assignments due yet, settling into a new routine takes time.

This early in the semester, we usually don’t have enough information to start working on midterm and final papers. But it’s a good idea to begin thinking about how to approach upcoming writing assignments. Here are some simple strategies for the start of the semester to help you manage your workload later on.

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Welcome to the Wheaton College Writing Center Blog

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