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Using the Bible in Academic Writing

This post was co-authored by Collin Kavanaugh, Abby Long, and Monica Colón. A common misconception about writing in a Christian academic setting (such as Wheaton) is that you’re expected to reference the Bible in all of your writing assignments. While it’s effective to incorporate in some genres of writing, scripture isn’t appropriate evidence for every…

How Our ESL Specialists Support Writers

Writing academic papers in one’s first language can feel like a mammoth task. But many students in our campus community are learning, reading, and writing in English as a second or additional language. These students carry the same academic load while completing their assignments in a language that is not their first. 

A photo of a minimalist white room of a museum with artwork on the walls

How to Approach Writing Art Criticism

Despite the fact that all Wheaton students need to take Visual Performing Arts classes in order to graduate, the tools to enter a discussion about art can be hard to find. According to Dr. Matthew Milliner, Associate Professor of Art History, “Criticism is a form of art in and of itself, and a vanishing one.”…


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