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Where Do I Publish My…?

A Guide to Campus Publications

From the school newspaper to club-run coffeehouses, Wheaton writers have options when it comes to sharing our work. But sometimes those options can be overwhelming, and we’re at a loss for where to submit. This post will explain the differences between the various campus publications, what kind of work they accept, and how to get published in them.

1. The Wheaton Record

The Record is Wheaton’s oldest campus publication. Published once a week, the newspaper is the best place to stay up-to-date on what’s happening on campus, but you can also follow them on Instagram or read their latest email newsletter. They don’t only publish news–The Record also has columns with themes like advice and cooking; op-eds that share student opinions; features that dive into a single topic or person in depth; and reviews of movies, books, and concerts. 

What does The Record accept? If you’re not a staff writer, you can still write for The Record as a Wheaton College undergrad. They accept pitches for op-eds, features, reviews, and more.

Your best bet is to reach out directly to the editor of the section you’re interested in. The Record’s website includes an “About” page with a list of staff. You could also check out the masthead in a print copy of The Record to find out who you should contact. Another option is to fill out one of the two Google forms on The Record’s website under their “Contribute” page.

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2. Kodon

Kodon is a literary journal published once a semester. Affiliated with the English Department, Kodon is known for stunning design and beautifully printed issues–not to mention outstanding poems, artwork, creative nonfiction pieces, and short stories.

What does Kodon accept? Any undergraduate student can send their work into Kodon. They publish poetry, visual art (including photography), creative nonfiction, fiction, and music. And if your piece bends genres, they also have an experimental section!

Kodon only opens for submissions once a semester, so keep an eye on campus announcements, their Instagram, and posters so you don’t miss their submissions window.

3. The Pub

The Pub is an independent journal of academic and creative work run entirely by undergraduates. As a conversation space for the whole Wheaton community, The Pub accepts submissions from both undergraduate and graduate students, in addition to faculty, staff, and alumni. Issues are on the shorter side and revolve around a single theme. The conversation around that theme continues in the Pubcast, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

What does The Pub accept? The Pub is the only campus publication that publishes academic essays. In addition, they publish poetry, visual art, personal essays, and fiction. Because The Pub is independent, authors are more free to tackle difficult subjects than in other campus publications.

Like Kodon, The Pub takes submissions once a semester and typically announces their submissions period through campus announcements, Instagram, and posters. 

4. OMD Publishing Team’s The Nexus

If you’re a multicultural student, good news: The Office of Multicultural Development has a way to share your voice with students and alumni like you!

The OMD Publishing Team’s newsletter, The Nexus, is designed to keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in the OMD, but they also publish creative work from both students and alumni. If you are BIPOC, biracial, or a TCK/MK, you are welcome to submit.

What does The Nexus accept? The Nexus releases three issues a year in both print and digital formats. They announce their calls for submissions on their Instagram, and they accept art, poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction, and music. 

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Whether you draw cartoons or paint in oils, craft haikus or write ethnographies, there is a publication at Wheaton that would love to have your work. Everyone’s voice is important, and student publications need student submissions to continue thriving. Sharing your words and images is tremendously brave! Don’t be afraid to put your work out there. And if you feel like you could use another pair of eyes on your writing before you submit, feel free to book a Writing Center appointment.

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