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Lessons and Reflections from the Writing Center Student Manager

I remember sitting in front of my laptop, searching, “How to be a good manager.” Not only was the title of “manager” itself contributing to my fear of the role, but self-doubts began to rise in my mind. Would I be able to live up to our staff members’ expectations? Would my lack of experience in such a position decrease the Writing Center’s professionalism? Despite the weeks of training I received, these thoughts lingered as I walked into my first day as the Student Manager. Yet now, as I sit reminiscing over the past year that I have spent working in this role, I can see only blessings and lessons to share.

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Writing beyond Wheaton: An Interview with Alumni

As the school year comes to a close, it can sometimes be difficult to envision writing opportunities beyond the classroom.  We interviewed a few Wheaton alumni—Carolyn Waldee ’18, Aaron Brown ’13, and Jerome Blanco ’12—to learn where writing has carried them after graduating from Wheaton.

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5 Reasons to Work at the Writing Center

As you attempt to make the most of yet another “COVID-Safe, Thunder-Strong” semester, planning for the next school year may be the last thing on your mind. However, if you’re in search of a fun and rewarding on-campus job, look no further. The Writing Center is looking to hire new consultants for the 2021-2022 school year, and below are the top five reasons why you should apply.

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Musicians are Writers: Why Conservatory Students Should Visit the Writing Center

Wheaton College has built a reputation for attracting excellent students in all areas of study, and music is no exception. Every fall, Wheaton welcomes 40-50 freshman music majors into the Conservatory of Music to learn from dozens of esteemed faculty members.

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Reflection: Empowering Writers on Campus and Beyond

As a writing consultant, I strive to empower those who come to the Writing Center. Rather than “fixing” their writing for them, I support the client as they create, research, and edit.