Writing Process

Songwriting: A Loose How-To

Think of your favorite song—what do you like most about it? The lyrics? The melody? The baseline hidden beneath the final mix? 

A song is much like a poem written to the movement of a melody—imagery, harmony, and simile merge to relate creator to consumer in a way that transcends the use of words alone. 

Simply put, a song is a combination of thoughtfully constructed parts that, once put together, amplify one another. 

Let us begin with the cornerstone.

Research Writing at Wheaton

Writing a Concert Review: Tips from a Conservatory Student

How do I write about the music I hear at a concert? 

Most undergraduate students will face this question at some point during their time at Wheaton, as Introduction to Music professors ask their students to submit written concert reviews. 

Writing at Wheaton Writing Center

Musicians are Writers: Why Conservatory Students Should Visit the Writing Center

Wheaton College has built a reputation for attracting excellent students in all areas of study, and music is no exception. Every fall, Wheaton welcomes 40-50 freshman music majors into the Conservatory of Music to learn from dozens of esteemed faculty members.