Writing at Wheaton

WC³: The Wheaton College Writing Center Writing Challenge

It’s April, so it’s National Poetry Month in the U.S.! While it’s a busy time for college students, it’s also a season of regeneration, growth, and transition. What better time than now to try something new and creative? Read on for the word of the day!

Writing Process

Feeling Stuck? A Running List of Creative Solutions for College Writers

As we grow as writers, our writing process changes, too. After transitioning to college and navigating the constraints of COVID-19, you may find that your tried-and-true strategies no longer work as well as they used to—and that is okay! 

Professional Development

Tips for Requesting Recommendation Letters from Wheaton Faculty

Are you applying for a scholarship, internship, job, or graduate school? You’ll likely need letters of recommendation from faculty. As someone who has written recommendation letters for students and requested recommendation letters for my own applications, I’ve seen both sides of this process—and it can be stressful! Requesting letters of recommendation can be intimidating, and it’s often tricky to determine what to include in a request.