Writing Process

Creativity and Writing in the Time of COVID-19

Looking back on what life was like a year ago—I believe I recall seven (7) people sitting on one (1) couch at my house—I remember what it felt like to pump out papers before the pandemic.

Research Writing at Wheaton

Library Research at Wheaton in the COVID-19 Era

Although the world is in the grip of a pandemic, college students are still writing research-intensive papers. For Wheaton College, this means altering library systems and practices to keep our neighbors and ourselves safe while we research.

Writing Center

Tips for a Successful Online Consultation

I was going to open with a phrase about the “new normal in these unprecedented times,” but let’s face it, you’ve come to accept that everything is changing. Especially relevant to a college community, COVID-19 has forced the world to rework the way it handles in-person commitments.