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WC³: The Wheaton College Writing Center Writing Challenge

It’s April, so it’s National Poetry Month in the U.S.! While it’s a busy time for college students, it’s also a season of regeneration, growth, and transition. What better time than now to try something new and creative? Read on for the word of the day!

The Word of the Day

Friday, April 16th:


Read more about the writing challenge below. Check back here for tomorrow’s word of the day after 10:30am CT!

What is the WC3?

We are excited to launch the Wheaton College Writing Center Writing Challenge (WC3) as an opportunity to join together through a daily practice of writing short poems! Whatever your academic major or experience level, we invite you to try it out and write alongside us for a week. 

The WC3 is a week-long micro-writing challenge running from Saturday, April 10th, 2021 to Friday, April 16th, 2021
At 10:30am CT each day of the challenge, we will update this blog post and our Instagram stories to reveal the word of the day. This word will serve as a prompt and inspiration for you to draft a brief poem.

How do I participate?

We invite you to participate on as many (or as few!) days of the challenge as you’d like. To participate, check this blog post or our Instagram stories after 10:30am CT each day of the challenge for the word of the day. Then, write a poem of 2-10 lines inspired by that word, sharing it with us, if you’d like, through this form.* 

*Note: Submissions are limited to writers with a Wheaton College student, staff, or faculty G-suite account. 

What do you mean by “poem”?

To keep this micro-writing challenge inspiring yet manageable, we’ve set up some guidelines for the poems. Poems for the challenge:

  • Should be 2-10 lines long.
  • Should be inspired in some way by the word of the day (though you don’t need to explain how).
  • Can either include OR not include the word of the day—it’s up to you!
  • Can rhyme OR not rhyme—again, your choice!

You can spend as much or as little time writing as you want. Many of us plan to use this as an opportunity to try out a 10-minute daily creative writing practice for a week. Join us! 

We look forward to writing with you! If you have any questions about the challenge, please reach out to abby.long[@]  

Past Words of the Day

Missed a day or two? Feel free to write about one of our previous prompts!

  • Saturday, April 10th: gate
  • Sunday, April 11th: shift
  • Monday, April 12th: tapestry
  • Tuesday, April 13th: measure
  • Wednesday, April 14th: brim
  • Thursday, April 15th: distance

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