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gOoFy or SHOUTY: Exploring Online Language Conventions through ‘Because Internet’

If we’re being honest (and I hope we are), the internet plays a large role in our lives. I can confidently state this about you, the reader, because you’re reading this piece on the internet (✨wow✨)! More than ever, during this past year, it has become apparent just how reliant we are on the internet as students, academics, researchers, artists, writers, workers, and even friends. The internet is a source of entertainment, information, income, recreation, and expression—and we spend a lot of our online time reading text.

Writing at Wheaton

How to Approach Writing Art Criticism

Despite the fact that all Wheaton students need to take Visual Performing Arts classes in order to graduate, the tools to enter a discussion about art can be hard to find. According to Dr. Matthew Milliner, Associate Professor of Art History, “Criticism is a form of art in and of itself, and a vanishing one.” Whether writing an art criticism paper or talking about a live performance  with friends, getting past “I just like it because it’s good” can be a daunting task. This post offers some guidance for discussing, engaging with, and interpreting works of art.